Russell Brand and Katy Perry Upset Hindu Leaders


Russell Brand and Katy Perry Divorcing After 14 Months

The couple married in India in a Hindu ceremony, which no doubt they thought was kind of cool, but now when they are about to divorce the Hindu leaders are protesting the misuse of what is a “Sacred Rite” in their religion that demands “Commitment, Devotion, Responsibility, Sanctity and Morals”!

Here, we are truly surprised they lasted this long and we are sure they worked very little on the things Hindu leaders mention. We do understand their outrage, but then again divorce today is very common.

Russell Brand and Katy Perry are also among celebrities who did not sign a prenuptial agreement!

Brand may be particularly happy if he ends up getting half of what his wife made doing the 14 months of marriage. According to a source Katy Perry made roughly $45 million during the 14 month marriage while Brand made much less. Last year he made between $6 to $8 million which is a lot less than she did!

Thanks to the lack of a prenup Brand is entitled to half of his wife’s money going by California laws.


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