Fitness Tips for Stay at Home Parents


Make the most of it while exercising with kids!

Just because your kiddos are home with you that doesn’t count as an excuse not to work on yourself. While staying home with kids makes our days as hectic as working outside of the home, we need to make the most of it and don’t skip trough workouts.

Here are some tips to make it easier for you, give you ideas and get you moving… With your kids of course:

  • Involve your kids in exercise – If your kids are old enough they can accompany you while you exercise. Let them ride a bike while you run, take them hiking with you or swimming (if they know how).
  • For smaller kids invest in a jogging stroller – You will get your workout in and some while pushing your kiddo in a jogging stroller.
  • Get a kid trailer for your bike – Kids will love this, they will get to spend time outdoors, see fun places and you will get in your workout and feel awesome.
  • Take a walk with your baby strapped to you in a baby carrier – You don’t need to run or jog, you can take a 20 to 30 minute walk with some extra weight on you. Plus this will do good for both you and your baby!
  • Join a local gym that has child care – This will be fun and something to do outside of the home and especially good if you don’t enjoy outdoors very much. Child care in the gym is also perfect because you can get your workout in without being interrupted, but still have a piece of mind that you are only steps away from your child.
  • Parent-baby yoga classes – If these are offered in your area, parent-baby yoga classes can help you build strength and stamina, reduce stress and provide you another opportunity to bond with your child.
  • Purchase exercise equipment for your home – Not really a big fan of exercising in the gym or outdoors, it’s always a good thing to invest in exercise equipment at home. You don’t need to get anything overly expensive or too big, but an exercise bike, treadmill or elliptical can be good and reasonably priced at the stores like Walmart, Kmart and Target. Plus you can always search garage sales and goodwill stores for inexpensive, lightly used exercise equipment. Need something smaller go for stability ball (great for core workouts), weights, exercise bands and similar.
  • Get yourself some exercise videos – Don’t have space or money for large exercise equipment, not to worry! You can always invest in exercise videos like low impact aerobics, dance videos, yoga, Pilates, kickboxing and do it in your living room while kids are napping. For these videos in most cases you will need nothing else but some low weight weights or exercise bands. Not sure what to get? Try renting a few at your local library, video store or checking on your TV and Internet. See what you like and what will be fun to do before investing.
  • Don’t stress out – Not every day or workout will be perfect, but the most important thing is to try to be ready and improvise. You can’t make it for a run today, don’t stress out, pop in an exercise video and go for it at nap time or bedtime. Always have a backup and do your best.
  • Make it a priority – If that means getting up an hour early for a run, then set the alarm and go for it. Make your daily workout a part of your to do list and stick to it. You will feel so much better afterwards and in the future!

Share with us Your fitness tips for stay at home parents!


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