Celeb Surgery – Kate Beckinsale Before and After


Celeb Surgery Before and After – What Did They Do?

Many celebrities have had work done, some more than others. Lets take a look at what Kate Beckinsale had done!

Kate Beckinsale seemingly has had rhinoplasty, gum reduction, veneers and a good brow plucking since her 1998 appearance down the red carpet at the Broken Palace premiere in the before photos.

The changes she did are great and they sure bring out the best in her. She has never been too big on surgery. A few years back she was criticized about the breast implants she did, when in fact rumors had been false. She was pregnant and we all know how everything changes doing pregnancy in than department.

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  1. She had some minor work done yes, and she does look better not only because of the work she had done but with age too.

    @XYZ – Rhinoplasty? – Why not? In the after photos her nose tip is visibly more up than on the before photos. Unless they can do that with makeup I don’t see other way but nose job. I agree is minor work she kept it the same just a bit more up.
    Unless again the teeth (gum reduction) changed the appearance of her nose so it’s a bit more up…

    But she never denied having the nose job, she denied the breast implants, but never any facial work! And this is not the first place I heard about this! Makes you wonder why???

    In any way she looks stunning!

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