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Blogger (.blogspot) is a free blogging platform run by Google.

Blogger is a great blogging platform for beginners and those blogging more for family and friends. Because this is a Google owned blogging platform it is very easy to add any Google applications like Google Analytics, Picasa for your pictures, and Feedburner for offering your readers subscriptions like RSS and email.

Setting up your new blog with Blogger takes less than five minutes. You are able to customize your template, or choose from ones they offer. The navigation is very easy and it’s simple for beginners to start blogging right away.

Blogger also alowes you to use your own domain name, and host it on their servers instead of third party host companies.

Down side of being on Blogger is that Blogger blogs are sometimes considered less professional than those using as their platform. However, by making a custom template and using your own domain name, it’s a great start.

Also many Blogger users complain about the commenting feature and that it isn’t easy to use as is on WordPress. Many schools and public institutions block the Blogger platform which could significantly limit your audience. Additionally many users had found Blogger Help little less helpful and somewhat confusing to find the answers for what they were looking for.

But before you run you should know, there are several blogs that explain the answers to common problems with Blogger, and just by searching Google, you will be able to find answers to just about anything.


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