5 Blogging Goals to Consider


Do you have any goals for your blog?

You probably have a wish list of things that you want to reach with your blog, but are not sure where to begin. Making goals, reasonable goals, and doing the things you set step by step, will help you reach them and see your blog grow.

Here are 5 blogging goals to consider and get you started.

  1. Reevaluate your blog and find a niche: Most blogs are mix of everything, but still you need to look at it as: I write mostly about… and My readers enjoy the most when I write about… See what captures your readers. If you post about food, and about flowers, see which one brings you more traffic, more readers, more comments. Your flower posts are great, but they are not the discussion grabbers, or once that bring you much traffic from search engines. While on the other side your food posts get all the attention. You enjoy doing both, so why not focus just a bit more on your food posts?!
  2. Start self-promoting your blog: Self-promoting can be difficult, it also may sound expensive. But honestly it’s neither of the two. All you need is a plan. Write it down, what you do, what your blog is about, are you good at graphics, at WordPress, can you do design, banners, do you have a great content…? All of those will help you out, when it comes to taking your blog to the next level and staring to monetize. You’ll need to use Twitter, Facebook, and other social media to bring attention to yourself. Comment on the blogs that are in your field, let others know what you can do, and what your rates are. Be careful not to spam your friends and readers with too much, but don’t be afraid to draw attention to yourself when it’s warranted.
  3. Build on what already works on your blog: Now that you’ve reevaluated your blog and decided to make food your niche, maybe it’s time to start a weekly column related to food. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new weekly columns, placement of ads on your site, or guest posts! Track how your readers react to it. See trough your stats program how and what gets ton of attention. If your stats program is bad and you can’t find that info, switch to a better one. Or ask your readers to tell you what they like or don’t like about your recent changes… Make it into a post, or a fun poll.
  4. Find ways to extend your blog: Consider adding forums, communities, job boards, newsletters, podcasts, and videos as ways of extending your blog’s reach. You will be amazed about all the new connections you and your blog will make.
  5. Don’t forget that Content is King: Everyone is always talking about it, and it is the truth. Content is King! Without compelling and well-written content, your blog will go nowhere.


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