Worst Infomercials As Seen On TV


Do you own any of these fine As Seen on TV products?

How can you not own a Snuggie? Are you for real???

OK, if not Snuggie than your thing must be a Forever Lazy! No, how about Pajama Jeans or maybe Jeggings?

I give up!

This wearable blanket has taken the nation by storm as people gather together to strut their Snuggies just about everywhere. Though this outfit isn’t the most flattering of styles, it sure is warm, or so I’ve heard!

And while on the subject I’ve never seen anyone outside wearing one of these… Hmmm, maybe I’m not cool enough or maybe I’m not attending the right events… Because these guys sure look confident in their Snuggies!

Photo by Elistmania!

Moving onto our next fascinating piece of “clothing?” or who knows what this is… Have you seen the new Forever Lazy!?! Because Snuggie will fall while you lets see, cook, wash dishes, scrub floors, take a shower, run and so on… But thankfully Forever Lazy is here to save the day!

Where do I begin when it comes to Forever Lazy? Why not at the most confusing part, the back opening. I still don’t get it. They say it’s convenient and easy to get out so that you can use the bathroom anytime, anywhere…

You need to take it off than take the clothing off from underneath and then… Oh sorry it’s too late. You should have practiced more at home before you took your Forever Lazy outside!

At least pockets are deep enough… And you can definitely feel like this while wearing one!

Pajama Jeans are made of soft material that will keep your comfortable all day long.

One question: What kind of Soft Material?

I’ve noticed all of these As Seen On TV products have one thing in common, well other than looking ridiculous in most cases, the soft material they are made of. But no one ever tells you the kind of material. So what is it? Some sort of fabric that no one knows about!?

Now back to the Pajama Jeans. They are so comfortable that you can actually wear your pajamas to work with Pajama Jeans! They even come in different cuts like skinny and boot-cut. And with no zipper or buttons they are a winner even though they will end up costing you as much as the real jeans.

And don’t forget they do have them for men too!

Now Jeggings, depending on the actual style and look of Jeggings, this denim invention can be fabulous.

Now, I don’t know about you but this cross between jeans and leggings just doesn’t sit right with me… Or maybe that is just me…

Conan seems to like them LOL!

You want to see something fun? Oh we know you do…

10 Worst Infomercials 😉 Enjoy!!!


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