Ridiculous Green Things


Ridiculous Green Things You Can Get

Green is good, but some of these things are just plain ridiculous! Take a look at some of them and tell us what do you think?!

Toilet Lid Sink – I don’t know about you but I certainly wouldn’t want my family or guests washing their hands in a toilet. Even though you can supposedly save on water and all that I just can’t see this as a good conversation at the dinner table LOL. “So you washed your hands in the toilet? Please pass the rolls.”

Reusable Wipes – Not for kids mind you, but to replace your everyday toilet paper. Now here is a question: “Who exactly is going to wash these?” You sure will save on paper, but come on!

Toilet Before You Go Bathroom Spray – Yes it’s made with essential oils and promises to create an odor-trapping film on toilet water if you spray it before you go!

Water Butt Rain Barrel – Ummm, just imagine it in your back yard. It’s very useful it catches rain, but does it look very presentable?

Edible Shoe Cream – Really?! Polish your shoes and have a snack at the same time, all from the same can! Now that is something everyone needs to have!

The Trash Logmaker – The Logmaker takes burning trash (something every neighbor loves) and updates it for the 21st century. Now, you can take trash, turn it into a log and then burn it… Dreamy!

Solar-Powered Sunglasses – Because you can’t see without electricity?

Desk Greenhouse – Perfect for a computer geek gardener in your life!

I-Wood 3B – This fake iPhone made out of bamboo is a perfect thing for a green friend in your life with an up-yours attitude toward popular culture, don’t you think?!

Bamboo Coffin – Well, these bamboo coffins make it easy to unearth yourself, since the coffins decompose along with the body… and who wouldn’t want that!!!

Share with us Do you know of any Ridiculous Green Things?

NOTE: This is a guest post submitted by a reader!!!


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  1. The toilet sink doesn’t bother me, actually, since it’s using clean water. What it does is send the clean water to the “sink” and the lightly-used water to the toilet bowl. Most of the rest of it is just ridiculous though.

    • I just can’t figure out how convenient it is to come to the sink over the toilet to wash the hands, face and so on?! Other than that it seems like a great idea when it comes to saving water and all!

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