How to Brighten a Room With Yellow


Nothing brightens up a room like Yellow!

Yellow sure screams attention. Being one of the three primary colors yellow can work with nearly any other color in the rainbow. And if you choose the right shade of yellow you can have the most amazing space no matter which room you put it in!

  • By painting the walls and ceiling yellow its like pouring sunshine into a room. But be careful with what shade you go with. Not all yellow will work for every space. Yellow can get really bright. The best way is to find the shade you love than go a few shades lighter, because as the paint dries it will end up looking stronger than when you originally put it on the wall. You can always try a sample or more on one wall. Wait for it to dry than see it doing the day or night under lights to see which will work the best for you and your over all room design.
  • Pairing other colors with yellow like white will create the blend look without much contrast. When choosing wood for the room try going with darker shades like chestnut or maroon. Mahogany and antique cherry also pair well with yellow. Making a punch in design with two tone colors will create more of an interesting look and you have less chance of your space becoming monotonous.
  • Don’t be afraid to introduce yellow in your bedroom design as well. Even though yellow is burst of energy it works well in bedroom designs. Muted shades have a calming effect, especially when combined with ivory and beige. To create the maximum effect aim on using at least five different shades of yellow to create the most electric look for the room.
  • If you are not sure that you want to go all the way with yellow a touch of it is just fine. Yellow window treatments fill a room with warmth, even on dreary days.
  • Adding just a burst of energy is perfect too. High voltage yellow shades stimulate the senses, so it may be best in small doses. Aim for a accent piece in the room in high voltage yellow like pillow, side chair or some decorative accents that will add nice burst of color, but will not overpower the entire room. Pair your accents wisely, choose warm, yellow based whites as companions instead of bright white which will tend to add gray effects on the overall design.
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