Free Crochet Patterns for Ornaments


Fun Free Crochet Patterns for Ornaments

Fun to make and great as gifts, these handmade ornaments are perfect for the season. Find your favorite with these Free crochet patterns!

Hoot Owl Ornament Free Crochet Pattern

Easy Classic Ball Ornaments Free Crochet Pattern

Little Penguin Ornament Free Crochet Pattern

Snowflake Ornament Free Crochet Pattern

Santa Cookie Ornament Free Crochet Pattern

Mitten Ornaments Free Crochet and Knitting Pattern

Note: The last pattern included in this list was supposed to be for both crochet and knit mitten ornament patterns, but after your comments we all agreed that the pattern did not include the crochet instructions at all.

We found a new pattern for you that is for mitten ornaments and this time is crochet. Hope you will like it and have fun making it!

Snowflake Mitten Ornaments Free Crochet Pattern


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  1. The mittens pattern is Knit only. The only thing that is crocheted in the pattern is the chain that connects the two mittens together. Unfortunately they did not include instructions for crocheting the mittens.

    • Hi Angie, thank you for commenting.

      I just looked over the pattern and you are right, they didn’t include the crochet instructions in that pattern at all.

      I found another one that is for Mitten Ornaments and is crochet. Maybe this one will be better!

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