Displaying Kids Artwork at Home


Beautiful ways to display kids artwork at home

If you have kids than you know how much artwork they can make. And lets face it your refrigerator is just not big enough to hold all of it. But with these super ideas you can display your kids artwork and love the way it makes you and your home feel!

Framing your child’s artwork gives it a feeling of importance and also looks very nice. You can let your child choose only her favorite pieces to frame and then swap them out each month with the new ones. If you want to save the previous artwork you can do it easily with these beautiful Dynamic Artwork Frames that double as storage and can hold up to 50 (8-1/2″ x 11″) pieces. They also have a larger one that is perfect for 12″ x 18″ art. It is so easy to use this frame, you just open it up and put the new art piece on top of the previous one, close the frame and you are done.

You can also hang your kids artwork. There are several ways how you can do this. You can set up curtain rods and hang the artwork using the clips. Or you can make it even more special by using some pine boards, spray paint and some large paper clips. Sounds like something you are willing to try, than go and see this amazing step by step tutorial on DIY Kids Art Display!

You can also use regular picture frames for the smaller pieces and display them on the shelf or on the wall. Some great ideas can be found here at Babble Blog.

Kids rooms and playroom are another great area of your home where kids art can be displayed. You don’t even have to use frames, but instead paint some nice, decorative boarders that will double as frames. Tutorial on how to do your own Painted Wall Frames.

Another great frame idea can be seen here where kids art is displayed on the wall in the pretty and elegant Floating Frames. They look very neat and perfect for any room in your home.

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    • Anytime! Same here love to display my daughters art around the house.
      I was searching for some frames for my home office and found your kid art post. Definitely will need to get some!

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