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Get inspired with Crisco Olive Oils

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The authentic taste you love, from a name you trust.

Our imported olive oils come from the highest quality olives in the world and can turn the simplest meals into something special. Add some excitement to your meals with Crisco Olive Oils, available in three flavorful varieties: 100% Extra Virgin, Pure, and Light Tasting.

We all know benefits of olive oil and that it is a better choice for all of us. But, not everyone enjoys the strong taste of olive oil no matter how good it may be.  And that is where Crisco steps in with their Variety of Olive Oils that are perfect for different things and tastes.

We always enjoyed Crisco products and their olive oil proves to be another great addition in the kitchen.

A Combination of Extra Virgin and light oil, Crisco Pure Olive Oil offers a clean, subtle olive flavor to various sautes and stir-fries.

Crisco Pure olive oil is amazing when added to marinades. We had the opportunity to try it with different kinds of meats and each time the flavor was amazing. This oi i also very yummy when used to saute or stir-fry veggies. It adds nice flavor with benefits without overpowering the entire dish.

A mild oil with a slight hint of olive flavor, Crisco Light Tasting Olive Oil is ideal as an all-purpose cooking oil. Use it for sautéing or frying chicken and roasting vegetables. Also great for baked goods like muffins, cakes, and brownies instead of other cooking oils.

Baking plays a big part in our kitchen and Crisco Light olive oil truly has become a special ingredient in all of our baked goods lately. With its light taste this oil is perfect for every day baking and frying and it will be perfect for those that are not big on the entire olive oil smell/taste.

Crisco 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil adds a full-bodied flavor to salads, vegetables, meats, and more!

The Crisco Extra Virgin olive oil definitely is a perfect salad dressing. The flavor in this oil is pure and it gives you that restaurant fee. We enjoyed this oil over salads, as dip for fresh-baked bread and more.

The bottom line is, which ever Crisco olive oil you choose you will not be disappointed. They will quickly become your family favorites even if olive oil was not your first choice in the past.

Don’t forget to visit Crisco and pick up a bottle or two of their olive oils next time you are in the store. Also visit their Crisco Recipes section for great ideas and yummy food!

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