Cold and Flu Myths


We all heard them Cold and Flu Myths

It’s not enough that you feel bad, but you also have to listen to all the old wives tales concerning your condition. It’s tough to know what works and what doesn’t. Hope these cold and flu myths can help you know what to do and how to find the right remedy!

  • The flu is just a bad cold. False! – Cold and flu are both caused by viruses. But they’re different strains. It’s hard to tell which you have, but here are two clues:
  1. Colds come on gradually. First, it’s a sore throat, then a runny nose followed by a cough. The flu, on the other hand, hits at once.
  2. Colds don’t generally produce fever. With flus, you may be burning up. Only children can have high fever with colds.
  • A cold affects your nose, throat and chest. The flu strikes your stomach. False! – The flu can make you nauseous, but in only about a third of cases. Usually, when you’re sick to your stomach, it’s for a different reason, another virus, a bacterial infection or food poisoning.
  • Cold weather makes you catch a cold or flu. False! – The fact that both colds and flu happen mostly in winter, there’s absolutely no climate connection. No one knows why winter is cold-and-flu season.
  • Getting a flu shot can give you the flu. False! – The vaccine is made from a dead flu virus. It can’t infect you. Any reaction you may have is due to the vaccine’s proteins and chemicals. So, even if your reaction feels like the flu, it’s not the flu.
  • Breathing the same air as a sick person can make you sick. True! – Coughing and sneezing can send viruses into the air. And you could get sick inhaling them.
  • “Feed a cold, and starve a fever?” Or “Starve a cold, and feed a fever?” True and False! – You need to feed both! People are never sure what to feed and what to starve. But it doesn’t matter, because you need to feed both a cold and a fever. Not eating or drinking enough can make you dehydrated. And that’s when you’re most likely to catch a cold or flu.
  • Natural remedies like vitamin C, echinacea or zinc can prevent a cold or cure it. False! – There’s no scientific proof that vitamins, minerals or supplements can prevent or cure colds. But they may shorten them.
  • Antibiotics can cure a cold or flu. False! – Antibiotics kill bacteria. Colds and the flu are caused by viruses, which don’t respond to antibiotics.
  • Once you catch a cold or flu, all you can do is wait for it to pass. True and False! – A cold must pass on its own, but not so for flu. Prescription antiviral flu medications, such as Tamiflu and Relenza, can reduce symptoms and heal you faster. But they must be taken within the first two days experiencing symptoms.
  • You can treat a cold or flu with chicken soup. True! – Chicken soup has anti-inflammatory properties that may fight cold and flu symptoms, researchers have found.


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