Wish You Knew While Pregnant


Things You Wish Someone Had Told You About Being Pregnant

Being pregnant is an adventure that is different for every woman. Sometimes things are just a bit different in reality than what they show us on the TV or tell us in the books. Here are some things you will experience doing the pregnancy. Things we wished someone had told us before. But we are here to tell you!

  1. You’ll start feeling like a mom long before baby is due.
  2. The first three months will be hard for most pregnant women.
  3. You don’t experience pain doing delivery only.
  4. No matter how much you try not to be you will be scared about the delivery.
  5. At the end of the pregnancy no matter how much you are scared about delivery you will be psyched just to get it over with.
  6. Being pregnant all of a sudden becomes your identity.
  7. You will be amazed at what your body is able to do.
  8. Picking a baby name will be extremely stressful.
  9. You will feel very close to your partner, but you’ll judge him for everything too.
  10. You will have a hard time not wishing about certain baby gender more.
  11. Intimacy, you will bounce back and forth between hot and not.
  12. Being pregnant makes others just walk up to you with all sorts of personal questions, opinions and ridiculous advice.
  13. You will pay so much attention about every single thing in the bathroom, discharge, signs of bleeding and so on.
  14. You will be scared of anything coming out of your body thinking something could go wrong with the pregnancy.
  15. You will become obsessed with baby kicking pattern and worried when it changes.
  16. Going to the bathroom for number two seriously becomes a problem.
  17. You will be tempted and eat something you shouldn’t and would normally never do.
  18. You will become more confident in yourself and your choices.
  19. You will have weird dreams and many of them.
  20. You will miss your Mom and start feeling even closer to her.
  21. They tell you about mood swings, but they never mention mood attacks that can hit you at any time.
  22. You will go trough heat waves even in the winter.
  23. Be prepared to have surprises at your delivery, not always will things go as you planed, have a backup plan.
  24. As soon as your baby is born you feel like a whole new person.
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