Tokidoki Tattooed Barbie


Barbie takes on permanent ink!

The tokidoki Barbie, designed by the “Los Angeles-based fashion brand”, boasts a pink bob, tattooed skin, and cross bones stitched on an off-the-shoulder sweater.

The tattoos are permanently inked on the doll, unlike the 2009 controversial “Totally Stylin’ Tattoos” Barbie that came with stickers for children to place on the toy.

Some parents are not thrilled with this new Barbie that shows off a certain fashion style and sports around upper body tattoos. They feel that this new Barbie is a bad example for young children.

“If we let our daughters play with this Barbie they will think Tattoos are OK!”

Not everyone feels the same way. Mattel, a toy-maker company, states the doll is not marketed to all audiences.

“The tokidoki Barbie is a perfect example of a limited-edition doll sold through select retail locations”, Mattel company said in a statement.

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  1. As a tattooed mom I am flabbergasted that anyone would call this a bad example for kids. My kids have no tattoos and while they like to look at mine it doesnt mean they will run to the nearest shop for ink. These parents probably would have a problem with Buddhist barbie or Muslim barbie, just because it’s different doesn’t make them bad. I for one am SICK of the barbie who can’t survive without Ken and is his slave basically. Don’t like it? No one is making you buy it, now grow up because some of us love the idea of this barbie.

  2. I love the look of this new Barbie. She is beautiful, stylish and very interesting. And as far as I know she is a collectible limited doll and not just the regular every day $5 dollar Barbie doll you give to your children to play and destroy. The tattoos are not for everyone, I agree with that. But as far as bad example for kids I don’t think this doll falls in that category. There are far worst things marketed to children nowadays!

    • Hi Ashley, thank you for your comment, we completely agree with you. This Barbie is beautiful and there are certainly worst toys marketed to children!

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