The Perfect Color Pallet for Your Home


Choose the right Color Pallet for your home

Painting a room in your home can make a big difference not only in decor but how you feel as well. With these simple steps deciding on a perfect color pallet for your home will be easy!

  • Start by asking yourself what colors are the most appealing to you? Look around, things you enjoy buying and what colors you most often get. Same is for your clothes. Your closet can reveal a lot about you and what colors you feel most comfortable in.
  • You don’t have to decide on the paint color just yet, but now that you have some idea what you love try shopping for window treatments or maybe a decorative pillow in fun and vibrant fabric (if that is your thing). That pillow, or piece of fabric can be your guide to picking the perfect color for that rooms walls. Pick one shade from the fabric and go with it, that way the accent will go well with the wall and probably rest of the room as well.
  • Guide yourself by using not more than 5 colors in one room. Pick your neutral color, something that will go well with everything. Your trim and woodwork color. The two colors that will be the center of your decor, they should go well together. And your fifth accent color. The accents should go well with everything, and also add a nice punch of freshness and well, accent to the room.

  • Now that you have picked your five colors and they all are great and going perfectly together you are ready to shop for paint. And again, you don’t need to decide right away. Try a couple of samples to see what shade or color from your pallet will appeal the most to you on the wall.
  • Deciding on which color from your pallet goes where can be stressful. You need to combine all 5 colors in one room and do it smartly not to overpower anything and to have a nice and balanced look. Depending on rest of the colors in your pallet your walls should be more vibrant if the rest of the colors are more natural and calm, that way your accent can tie the walls and rest of the room together. If you are going for more vibrant colors of furniture than use natural tones for your walls and accent.

Here are some examples to give you an idea of perfect color pallets.


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