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Survive the Office this Year with Surgex

While a daily gym appearance is key to sustaining a healthy life style – It may not be enough. If you are doing everything right while at your local gym and following it up by doing everything wrong the rest of the work day, it’s very unrealistic to stay healthy and have the beach ready appearance everyone is trying to obtain.

With that said, we here at Surgex have put together a workday survival guide to help offset your immobility and emancipate yourself from your devious work chair.

With your audience in mind, I’d like to introduce you to Surgexthe first clinically proven sport supplement to work in numerous independent studies. Implementing a unique three-phrase approach, Surgex is clinically proven to help individuals prepare their bodies for intense physical activity, perform at peak levels and recover with less soreness and fatigue.

Surgex Survival Guide:

  • Avoid the vending machines at all cost. Snacking at your desk is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.
  • Drink a minimum of three bottles of water throughout the day. Stay away from soda and other drinks filled with sugar.
  • The stairs won’t kill you. It may take a little more time but try walking up a few flights of steps every day.
  • Have good posture. This may not seem important, but having good posture while sitting at your desk goes a long way in keeping your body on track.
  • Keep a 20 pond dumbbell in your file cabinet. If you ever find yourself sitting on a call with free hands it might not be a bad idea to do a couple sets.
  • If you have your own office this would give you a few more options. Doing some push-ups and sit-ups is a great way to start your day in the office.
  • Don’t sit in your chair all day. Find a reason or excuse to get up and walk around a little. This will also help you stay out of that drowsy state.
  • Don’t go crazy at lunch. Remember for the most part everyone sitting at their desk is getting little to no exercise, keep an eye on what you are eating and try to keep it as healthy as you can.

While these simple steps may not seem like anything special, they will help you achieve your fitness during your off hours until you can hit the gym.

Surgex plays a critical role in reducing oxidative stress, energy production and immune response. Surgex will be available in four unique flavors: “Vanilla Storm”, “Chocolate Charge”, “Banana Berry Blast”, and “Tropical Crush.


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