How to Organize Your Pantry


Organize your Pantry successfully with these easy steps!

Organizing your pantry is easy enough. Follow these steps and tips to make your pantry neater and more efficient.

Pantry by The Perfect Pantry

  • Function first. No matter how large or small your pantry is, function should be your first consideration.
  • Remove everything. Empty out your pantry and put its contents on your kitchen counter, tabletop or island.
  • Clean out the inside of the pantry. Vacuum, wipe, dry, line with shelf paper or pain to get the desired look.
  • Wipe off food containers. Use a damp cloth or paper towel to wipe off dust and sticky spots.
  • Check the expiration dates. Throw away expired food. Inspect your food for signs of infestation. Toss any food that is harboring bugs.

Pantry by A Little of This, A Little of That

  • Donate items to the local soup kitchen or food pantry. If you have more of something than your family can use or food that your family won’t eat, put it in a bag for donation.
  • Put items your family uses the most at eye level to avoid having to rummage through the pantry to find what you need.
  • Group like items together. Keep baking ingredients on one shelf, canned goods on another and so forth.
  • Place tall items in the back of the pantry to avoid blocking shorter items and hiding them from sight.
  • Situate the oldest items at the front of the pantry to ensure that you will use them first.

Pantry by Stagetecture

  • Gather small items like tea bags and packets of sugar together in a clear plastic container.
  • Store dry goods like cereal, flour and sugar in glass or plastic containers to keep them fresh and to deter bugs.
  • Keep larger items like oils, juices and so on at the bottom of your pantry.
  • Don’t buy things that won’t get used; every home and family will have items that are unique to their habits and personal preferences, so buy only according your tastes, budget and needs.
  • If you can’t get everything into the pantry neatly, you might store non-essential items in a more “remote” storage location such as the garage or basement.
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