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You don’t need to sacrificing style to get organized!

Organization can be overwhelming. But luckily we are here with simple tips and tricks to help you along the way to a happy, organized home that is both stylish and functional!

  1. Installing a wall-mounted cube shelving system gives plenty of space for storing odds and ends in assorted containers.
  2. Painting the interiors of shelves a bright color highlights the shapes of accessories you place in the shelf.
  3. Create a modern library with a large shelving unit on one wall. By decorating the room around the shelves you will create this modern, stylish and functional living space.
  4. Having a flexible arrangements around the room helps you adjust and rearrange according to your specific needs at the time.
  5. Open shelving is kept neat and tidy with uniform storage containers and decorative storage boxes.
  6. Industrial elements, a factory chair, metal file cabinets and a lab-style desk contrast nicely with a pair of upholstered chairs in a masculine study.
  7. Covering the back of an antique sideboard with bright, modern wallpaper makes a cheerful place for displaying office supplies.
  8. Scalloped wooden drawers look great tucked under a bed and provide a lot of useful storage in an otherwise underused space.
  9. For your hallway or mud room wall-mounted cubes fitted with baskets keep hats and other outdoor items organized and where you need them, near the door.
  10. Creating a giant monthly calendar on a chalkboard-paint wall helps everyone stay on schedule.
  11. Columns of built-in bookshelves at the end of the room are an ideal design solution and attractive look and they really look good when surrounding a large, long window.
  12. In your daughters room under-bed white wicker baskets nicely conceal toys, books and other childhood favorites.
  13. A large coffee table with cubes makes for a perfect side table and a place to stash trinkets and toys.
  14. Have you thought of modern furniture? For real, it is a real space saver!
  15. Chaos is tolerable when it’s confined to a long, colorful pegboard. A bench underneath covered with pillows doubles as storage and seating.
  16. A busy family requires structured storage with room for everything from sports equipment to mail. Use baskets and bins to corral papers, toys and balls in an open cabinet.
  17. For the best use of space in a narrow room, install captain beds with underneath storage and arrange them head-to-head along one wall.
  18. If your kitchen has limited cupboard space, hang your own floating shelves.
  19. When using open shelving in the kitchen, dishes don’t need to match, but a common palette or pattern will ensure that they coordinate and look cool, not like clutter.
  20. When cabinet space is lacking, a long row of ceiling-mounted pot racks creates additional storage space for cookware and baskets.
  21. Look for a bed-frame with built-in drawers to maximize storage space. A lidded bench at the foot of the bed creates room for extra blankets and linens.
  22. Tuck shoes away in an open storage bench.
  23. Floor-to-ceiling shelving provides plenty of storage for children’s toys.
  24. With limited space and lots of supplies, bathrooms require thoughtful storage solutions. Open, built-in shelving means everything is stacked within easy reach.
  25. For a combined office and playroom, use similarly shaped furniture for a cohesive look.
  26. A library wall filled with your favorite titles gives a living room a personal touch and keeps books neat and away.
  27. A box shelf makes use of extra wall space when the room is small.
  28. Have fun with window treatments—a colorful pattern can set the tone for the rest of the room.
  29. Large white shelving unit adds an unexpected element to a dining space and provides the perfect spot to store large serving dishes and cookbooks.
  30. Keep books neat and tidy and within reach with an open-front storage bench in kids room.
  31. Use decorative shelves above beds to create fun and stylish headboards that double as extra storage.


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