Go Green in 5 Easy Ways


Start small with these five simple green changes.

You can do super-simple things to make the world around you a little bit greener. And these changes add up to make a big difference in your life and life around you.

  1. Take off Your Shoes because the bottom of your shoes holds all the bad things like pesticides, pathogens, car exhaust, chemicals, pet germs and more. Just think how much cleaner your home would be and how fever chemicals for cleaning you will use. This will also improve the indoor air in your house. Dirt embedded in carpet can become airborne when people step on it or a vacuum cleaner agitates it.
  2. Change Your Laundry Routine by washing only full loads, always using cold water rinse and drying your clothes for just the needed amount of time.
  3. Use Drapes on Your Windows and lower your energy bill. Today you can find so many pretty choices when it comes to drapes and shades and it will help shade your house in the hot and sunny days making it cooler inside.
  4. Switch to Homemade Cleaners which are really easy and inexpensive to make. Vinegar and lemon can go long way making your home clean, fresh and more green.
  5. Borrow and Give what you don’t use that often like books, magazines and similar items. We love public libraries because we can get as many books as we want, read them and return. This not only cuts down on waist but home clutter as well. And if you have books or magazines around your house that serve no purpose except collecting dust consider donating them to the local library.


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