Fun Things to Do at the Library


You can do so much more at the library than just check out books!

Don’t neglect your library card, put it to some good use. Most libraries offer many free activities that will be fun both for you and your kids. Check out our tips for how to do fun things at your local library!

  • Free Books – Being able to get free books from library is amazing. Just think about it! You can’t always afford to buy new books, but with a library card you can check out as many as you want, read them, return them (which so cuts down on house clutter) and get more. You can always have something new to read without spending anything out of your pocket. But, free books is not all…
  • Free DVDs – Many libraries offer free one week DVD rental and many have a great selection to choose from. If nothing else you can always have fun DVDs for your kids to watch.
  • Free Internet – Every library has computers and Internet access which is great not only for kids researching for a school project, but also for everyone that is unable to have home Internet or is forced to cut down on the expense. If you budget is forcing you to leave without the net in your home, than use your library.
  • Free E-Books – Many libraries offer e-books on their websites that you can borrow for a period of time. Don’t have an e-reader? Before you add it to your holiday wish list, ask if you can check one out and give it a try.
  • Free Tech Support – Many libraries offer training on basic computer skills and how to search the Internet, and most give informal technical assistance. So before you pay a store or a manufacturer, take your questions to a trained librarian.
  • Free Delivery – Some libraries bring items to housebound, disabled and elderly cardholders at no charge.
  • Free Test Preparations – Forget paying for a pricey tutor. The majority of libraries now offer online access to subscription databases for practice standardized tests such as the SAT and GRE, as well as other helpful online homework resources.
  • Free Entertainment – Don’t know where to take your kids over the weekend and you need a place where you will spend little to no money? Library is way to go. You probably can find movies and TV shows on DVD, puzzles and games, even passes to local museums. Some libraries also offer free story time for kids on certain days/evenings.
Share with us Your tips on how to get the most out of your local library!


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