Coffee Frappe Recipe

Quick and Easy Coffee Frappe Recipe

Delicious and easy to make Coffee Frappe at home.

Coffee Frappe Recipe

Coffee Frappe Recipe


1 cup extra-strong brewed coffee (cooled)

1/2 cup milk

2 tablespoons sugar (or by taste)

1 and 1/2 cups ice cubes

Whipped cream for garnish (optional)

Cocoa for garnish (optional)


Combine coffee, milk, sugar and ice cubes in a blender. Pulse until the mixture is well combined and ice is crushed. Pour into tall glasses, top with whipped cream and cocoa if desired. Makes two servings.

Home Exercise Equipment on a Budget

You Don’t Need a Lot of Money to Exercise at Home!

Need to get in shape, but don’t want to spend lots of money on gym or home equipment? No worries. Check out these awesome exercise tools that are all under a $100 and best of all you can exercise at home when you have time. They are perfect for any size home, easy to store, effective yet perfect for a small budget.

Motivational Fitness Pictures Round Three

Motivational Fitness Pictures and Quotes Part Three

Fitness pictures and quotes to get you motivated for the end of the year and beyond… Check out the first two in the series… Motivational Fitness Pictures and Motivational Fitness Pictures Round Two!

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Motivational Fitness Pictures Round Two

Motivational Fitness Pictures and Quotes Part Two

Don’t give up! You can do it! Always find a way! Never give up on your goals!

This is a round two for our Motivational Fitness Pictures (don’t forget to visit the first one). Stay Motivated!!!

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Motivational Fitness Pictures

Motivational Fitness Pictures and Quotes

Stay motivated with these fitness pictures and quotes!

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Best Foods for Babies & Toddlers

Best Foods for Babies & Toddlers – Infographic

Fruits or veggies first? Bland or flavorful? And how will I know when my baby’s ready?

You probably have ton of questions about solid foods as your baby nears six months. And who can blame you. With so much information out there and so many different approaches everyone has something to say and it can get overwhelming really fast.

Feeding your baby solids should be enjoyable milestone for both of you and not something to stress about. Check out this fun infographic from New Born Baby Zone and take it one day at the time… In no time you both will be food champions!

Share with us in comments When did you introduce solid foods to your baby & What was their first food?


Please Note – The above infographic is intended as reference and for entertainment purposes. Make sure your baby is old enough and ready to start eating regular food and that your pediatrician has given you an OK to feed your baby solids and what foods to start with first!