How to Make a Fitness – Weight Loss Chart

Make Your Own Fitness and Weight Loss Chart

Decide what you want to keep track of. For most people, weight loss is the best indicator of improved physical fitness. However, you can also chart your waist measurement, your biceps measurement, or your improving performance at exercises such as walking, running, or gym time.

Buy a blank poster board at an office supply store. This can be a thin, flexible sheet of cardboard or a rigid foam board. To make building the chart easier, buy a poster with a grid already on it. If you draw your own grid, make the squares large enough to allow you to write dates and other numbers beside and above them.

Begin at the top left, where the first vertical and horizontal lines meet (to track decreasing numbers such as weight or waist size). Draw a dot at this intersection and write the start date above it. To the left, write the number that indicates your weight, waist size or other measurement. (To track numbers that are increasing, start at the bottom left.)

Let each square across represent one week. Write a date in each across the top of the poster. Count the number of weeks you have to work with and determine what a safe and reasonable goal is for that number of weeks. For instance, a reasonable weight loss goal may be 2 pounds a week, so a chart that covers 20 weeks would show a weight loss goal of 40 pounds.

Move to the bottom right of the chart, where the last vertical and horizontal lines meet. Draw a dot at this intersection and write the goal weight or waist size below it. (To track numbers that are increasing, move to the top right.)

Count the number of horizontal lines between the top and bottom of the poster and divide your goal for the number of weeks represented on the chart by the number of horizontal lines. The result is the weight loss or measurement represented by each horizontal line. For example, if your chart will measure a 40-pound weight loss, and there are 20 horizontal lines, then each line represents a weight loss of about 2 pounds. Write the weight loss or measurement represented by each horizontal line at the left and right side of the chart.

Find something with a thin, straight edge and place it so it connects the two dots at the top left and bottom right of your chart. Draw a straight line between them. This line represents the progress you want to make toward your goal. You will mark your progress each week, as explained in Tip 2 below.

See if your weekly progress falls above or below the straight line you drew to represent your weekly goals. If it falls above this line, you need to make further changes to your diet or exercise routine. If it falls below this line, you are doing well and should continue with your current diet and exercise routine.

  • Tip 1: Remember to keep a journal of what you eat and your exercise sessions. If you aren’t meeting your fitness goals but can’t remember what you did last week, how will you know what to change?
  • Tip 2: Each week on the date written on your chart, weigh yourself or measure your waist. Find the corresponding number of the left or right of the chart and follow the line to the vertical line that represents the date. Draw a dot where the two lines intersect. (You may find that your weekly progress falls between two lines; adjust the dot accordingly.)
  • Tip 3: Make a new chart when you get to the last week of your current chart.
  • Tip 4: Use a calorie counter.

Homemade Gift Ideas

Homemade Gift Ideas for the Holidays!

With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner it’s time to start thinking about the homemade gifts, if you are planing to make them this year. Homemade gifts are special and from the heart. And we all hope that those that receive the gifts will love them as much as we loved making them.

Need ideas, see what we think it’s cool to make this holiday season!

  1. Homemade Jams and Preserves – If this is something you know how to make you should definitely go for it. Everyone loves something sweet and jam is always a popular choice. And homemade is always healthier and more special than store-bought! To make your gift extra special place it in a nice shaped jar, add a printed label like “Delicious Strawberry Jam” or similar. You can also list the ingredients on a little card and tie it with a fancy ribbon around the lid.
  2. Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix – When it’s cold outside, or even if it’s not, holiday season makes us want something warm and Hot Cocoa is always a popular choice. Make your own by filling a jar with layers of hot cocoa mix, chocolate milk mix, powdered sugar, chocolate chips, and marshmallows. To make it extra special include a nice, tall cup and some special label or ribbon.
  3. Baked Goodies Basket – Yum! Everyone can enjoy a nice cookie or homemade bread. Holidays are a perfect time to indulge in baked goodies. Plus this gift can be perfect for everyone. Make it extra special by placing the baked goodies in separate see trough bags, tie each with different decorative ribbon and a card with what it is included in the bag. Place everything in a decorative basket and finish it off with a large see trough bag and/or big ribbon.
  4. Cute Tutu or a Hair Bow – Surprise a special little girl in your life with a cute tutu or a nice hair bow. Check out these fun tutorials for How to make a Tutu.
  5. Special Blanket – If sewing is your thing you can always make some special blankets as gifts. This could be a perfect gift for boys or men, especially if done with their favorite characters or sports teams! Know how to knit, you can certainly make hand knit blankets as well. They will be fun, fuzzy and perfect gifts.
  6. Handmade Handbags – You can either sew or knit a handbag for a special gift. Make it more special by using favorite fabric, yarn or color of the person receiving a gift.
  7. Handmade Hats and Scarfs – What better way to surprise someone for the holidays than with a warm hat, scarf or gloves. See these fun Free Knitting Hat Patterns.
  8. Hand-painted Picture Frames – Put a little spin on a every day gift by hand painting it and making it super special. You can get inexpensive frames in all sizes in unfinished wood (perfect for painting over and refinishing) at Hobby Lobby or other Craft Stores.
  9. A Christmas Ornament –  This is a homemade gift idea that never goes out of style! You can get as creative as you want or keep it simple if you like. Buy basic styrofoam balls and then paint them. From there, you can add glitter or beads and make it pretty as you like.
  10. Holiday Plaques – One of the fun gifts you will love making and they will love receiving. Choose a winter or holiday saying. Paint a wooden plaque the color of your choice, then glue on letters cut out of card-stock paper to say whatever you want. Follow by brushing a coat of clear glue such as Mod Podge and let dry!

Share with us Your Homemade Gift Ideas!

How to Make a Diaper Bag

Make Your Own Diaper Bag!

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DIY Shoe Makeovers

From Old and Boring to New and Fab!

Turn your boring old shoes into the new ones with these awesome DIY tutorials from Around the Web! And as always, don’t forget to share with us your awesome ideas in the comments!

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Crafting with Buttons

Easy Crafts to do with Buttons!

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